Every 21 Seconds ...
or why I scream at the refrigerator

8 stories of brain injury in 7 parts

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narrated by Woody Harrelson

written & directed by Laura Napier

produced by Laura Napier & Doug Claybourne

For distribution information, contact:
818.788.9900 or 818.601.7700




Each person sees through eyes that know there is a world which is more stable, more concrete, one in which the air is not so thick, a world that is gentler with its time, patience, and movement. But the eight people in this film, eight of the 5.3 million living with brain injury in the U.S., do no live in that world. They live in a world that is random and, often, unforgiving. A world where the sidewalk moves and colors dance. A world where light is not from the grace above but a painful reminder that they have forgotten their sunglasses. A world where a grocery store is hell. But. Their world also carries a reborn heaven in each breath. It's simplicity is the greatest gift given to them: the sunset, a jog in the hill, cool air, homemade soup, a fire, their lover's hands on their neck. The quiet of mid-day alone.

This is the world of brain injury.

And every twenty-one seconds another person joins them ...  


featuring "First Day of My Life"
Bright Eyes

original music written & performed by
John Dulik

filmed & edited by
Grant Taylor


Running Time 60:37

Copyright 2005 State of New Mexico - All rights reserved

Original score & script "Every Twenty One Seconds ..."
Copyright 2005 Laura Napier Productions, LLC - All rights reserved


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