doug claybourne watercolor gallery III

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Artist's Statement: The first three paintings are large - 36 x 48 approximate - a 4th in this series was not digitized which hangs in my New York home. One of my favorite paintings is THE BACKSIDE OF BAYARD NEW MEXICO - what a great town. The Jesus sign exists near Silver City, New Mexico. The remaining four paintings are 18 x 24 watercolors on Arches paper - and the Pelligrino painting represents the new direction I am going with my art - I am not just painting "pretty pictures" but adding something in the painting that says something about the earth, the condition of the planet, or something that speaks to me. For whatever that is worth.



The Untitled Niki Caro Project

This painting was done in Santa Fe, New Mexico during pre-production of NORTH COUNTRY - prior to it having been given that movie title. In pre-production, the movie was called "The Untitled Niki Caro Project" so called after the director, from New Zealand - 10 of these paintings, named after our temporary title, were given as gifts to the stars of the movie and some of the key players on the first day of photography in Minnesota in February 2005.


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